235 – 237 Wickham Road, Moorabbin

Project Type: Nine Double Storey Dwellings.
Council: Kingston City Council
Architect: Moull Murray Architects.

The application was lodged and after a meeting with objectors and amendment of the proposal, planning officers recommended support.

As there were some vocal objectors to the proposal likely to lodge an appeal against any decision of Council and there were delays with the application being considered at a full Council Meeting, the decision was made to lodge an appeal against Councils’ failure to make a decision within the required time.

Whilst waiting for the VCAT hearing, the proposal was considered at a Council Meeting and Councillors voted to support eight (8) dwellings, instead of the nine (9) dwellings proposed.

The key issues addressed at the hearing were the dwelling density and the presence of the proposal at this prominent street corner.

We were able to demonstrate that the proposed dwelling density of one (1) dwelling per 151 square metres was appropriate for this particular site where the zoning and local planning policies typically seeks lower density development. VCAT determined to support the nine dwellings as proposed.


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