Red Hill Dwelling

Project Type: Use and Development of the Land for a Dwelling, Intensive Animal Husbandry & Vegetation Removal in a Green Wedge Zone.
Council: Mornington Peninsula Shire
Architect: Baenziger Coles Architects

We obtained a planning permit for the construction of a single dwelling at a picturesque Red Hill property. Seamlessly set into the hillside, the proposed dwelling, designed by Baenziger Coles Architects represents a highly sustainable, site responsive design, consistent with long term management of the land.

Currently a vacant site, the need for a dwelling came about as a result of the desire for the site to be used more intensely as a horse agistment business. The planning challenges were those typically associated with proposals in a Green Wedge Zone; was a dwelling needed to support the on-site rural enterprise and were the design features consistent with the long term land management?

With the appointment of various sub consultants including a horticulturalist, we were able to present a holistic plan for the residential and commercial future for the site. With support from Council’s internal referrals, it was determined that the proposal would result in improved land quality and a viable rural business in addition to a dwelling that would make a positive contribution to the landscape character of the area.

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