City of Melbourne has recently resolved to consider a number of industrial sites in the Fishermans Bend precinct, including the Vegemite and Boeing factories, for heritage protection. Whilst the buildings themselves are perhaps not the most visually appealing examples of historic built form, they represent key eras in Melbourne’s industrial history. It is notable that both of these factories have been in operation since the 1930/40s and continue to operate for Kraft and Boeing and stand testament to Melbourne’s successful and long-standing manufacturing sector as well as Victoria’s contribution to the Second World War.

Other sites up for consideration are an electricity substation in Port Melbourne and the iconic Westgate Bridge, which may receive formal recognition as being of state significance.

This review highlights that heritage is more than ‘skin deep’ and reminds us that planning controls have the ability to preserve the less glamorous, but no less important, facets of history that would otherwise disappear into the history books.

Vegemite Factory Picture credit: taken from

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