Avid readers of Keen Planning social media posts may recall we published a blog in relation to the future of the CBD within which we noted that our office thought there was nothing better than the pre-COVID hustle and bustle of a busy CBD.

Given we love the energy that came from visiting the once thriving CBD we found the images that were published in a recent Broadsheet article (Gallery: A Haunting Portrait of Melbourne in Lockdown 6.0) quite mesmerising.

We believe that Photographer Jake Roden has done an amazing job at capturing the impact, yet another lockdown has had on the CBD with the area resembling a ghost town or a scene from the 2007 movie I am Legend.

We believe the most dramatic images are those of normally thriving areas around Flinders Street Station and Bourke Street Mall where you struggle to spot a single person.

We highly recommend checking out the images for yourself and lets hope it’s not long before images like these are well and truly the past and no longer the now!

Broadsheet: A Haunting Portrait of Melbourne in Lockdown 6.0

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