Near the close of 2021, two new bodies were created by the City of Melbourne to ensure the promotion of peak design excellence for Melbourne major developments.

Composed of 40 multidisciplinary leaders and academics, the “Design Excellence Advisory Committee (DEAC)” and the “Melbourne Design Review Panel (MDRP)” were formed to – broadly – advise the City of Melbourne on major new developments occurring within the municipality with the intent of re-asserting Melbourne’s global reputation as a leading design city.

While DEAC will be an internal committee within the City of Melbourne formed by expert leaders and academics, MDRP will operate as an external panel called in to provide design advice.

Considering the importance of a well-designed city centre, the City of Melbourne’s vision to have such a strong team of reputable professionals advising their decisions is commendable.

It is always motivating to contribute to the City of Melbourne’s built form and we look forward to observing the outcome of the collaborations of these teams and talents.


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