The City of Whittlesea in Melbourne’s north have announced that they are currently drafting the renewal of their Green Wedge Management Plan for 2022-32. The decision follows the success of their 2011-21 Green Wedge Plan which saw a total of 84 recommendations for the efficient and sustainable management of land, water and biodiversity over the past decade. Some of the highlights of the 2011-2021 plan include:

  • Establishment of the Whittlesea Community Farm and Food Collective.
  • Surveying the uses of 31 neighbourhood parks to better understand community needs and perceptions of park uses.
  • Introduction of wayfinding and interpretation signs in over 60 conservation areas.
  • Advocating to the Victorian government for Melbourne Food and Innovation Export Hub.
  • Establishment of the South Morang Farmers and Makers Market.

For context, the Victorian Planning Scheme classifies Green Wedge land as both public land such as National Parks, reservoirs and forests as well as land that is used for agriculture, rural living and recreation. As seen in figure 1, peri-urban Green Wedge land provides numerous crucial services for Metropolitan Melbourne such as fresh food production, water catchment areas, habitat links for indigenous native wildlife and intricate natural systems which reduce the impact of ever-increasing extreme weather events such as floods, heatwaves and droughts.

With over 61 percent of the land within the municipality classed as Green Wedge land (figure 2), there is an increasing pressure on Whittlesea Council to balance the next decade of population growth and urban expansion in a way which will still protect the vital services and land provided within Green Wedge areas.

The 2022-2032 Green Wedge Management Plan has already undertaken initial consultation with the public in late 2021 and the draft plan is currently being prepared by Council which will be available for public consultation later this year.

Source: Services provided by Green Wedge land.

Source: Extend of Green Wedge land in Whittlesea LGA.

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