Bayside Council are proposing a Planning Scheme Amendment to update existing planning controls for land in Bayside that is liable to flooding. The purpose of the amendment is to ensure the areas affected by overlays are accurate and up to date based on recent research and flood modelling undertaken by Melbourne Water.

Areas prone to flooding are currently identified in the Planning Scheme under the Special Building Overlay (SBO) and Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO). The main objectives of these overlays are to ensure land is developed in a way which reduces the potential for flooding and minimises the risk of flood damage to property.

The amendment proposes to remove the LSIO completely from the Planning Scheme and change the areas to which the SBO applies. This is a notable change as it affects more properties within the lower lying areas of Bayside. Based on our review, the most affected suburbs are Brighton (two areas including Lindsay Street extending east to the train line and the area bordered by North Road, New Street, Bay Street and the foreshore) and Hampton (the strip of land along the Sandringham Railway Line extending between South Road and the Sandringham Cricket Ground).

Landowners affected by overlays for flooding are likely to require a planning permit for any proposed building and works to ensure the design takes into account the relevant flood level and any overland flow paths.

If your land is currently or proposed to be affected by the SBO and you wish to develop, please feel free to call our office to discuss your options.

For more details regarding this amendment, visit:

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