Building Dispensations

Often your proposal won’t require a planning permit, however it may require a range of dispensations to vary the siting requirements of the building regulations. This is also referred to as acquiring the report and consent of Council. Dispensations must be sought in situations where any aspect of the design of the dwelling does not meet the Building Regulations.

At Keen Planning, we specialise in applications to vary these requirements. Our experience and understanding of this process means you have the best possible chance of having your application approved. We regularly gain approvals for the following types of dispensations:

  • Increased site coverage.
  • Reduced setbacks from boundaries.
  • Higher and longer walls on boundaries.
  • Increased front fence heights.
  • Varied private open space / solar access provisions.

Input may be sought by neighbours who could be affected by the changes to the structure proposed in the dispensation. We will provide guidance on how to manage this public notice phase of the process.

In the unlikely event that your application for dispensation is rejected, we can represent you through the appeals process. Appeals regarding applications for dispensations are made to the Building Appeals Board.

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