Planning Appeals / VCAT Representation

Our senior personnel are highly experienced tribunal representatives. In a number of cases we are also able to successfully negotiate with the Council and other parties to agree to an amended proposal prior to the hearing. This can be a significant cost saving.

If you appoint us to represent you before the VCAT we have developed a methodology that will maximise your chances of success and this includes the following steps.

  • Undertake a detailed analysis of the development plans.
  • Clearly articulate the areas of risk and the best strategic approach to minimise these risks.
  • Advise of what changes are required to the proposal to reduce contentious or high risk elements of the proposal.
  • Assess the design principles, plan details and the quality of the presentation to ensure we best present your case to the Tribunal.
  • Advise whether additional experts are required to support your proposal and best address any specific areas of concern.

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