Planning Permit Applications

Gaining planning approval for your project can be a complex, time consuming and frustrating process. That’s why we build relationships with all people involved in the planning process. Understanding agendas and personalities and managing competing interests to reach agreements is one of our core specialties. When you engage our expert team to look after your planning permit application, you’ll save time and money and be able to start construction sooner.

A comprehensive approach to planning your project

We manage the entire town planning process, from start to finish. Our role involves:

  • Providing an upfront, honest appraisal of your proposal.
  • Develop strategies and solutions to maximise your chances.
  • Assisting you with the appointment of the required sub consultants. These may include an Architect, Land Surveyor, Arborist and Traffic Engineer. With our experience in the industry and well developed relationships we can recommend a range of highly specialised sub-consultants that will complement our planning role.
  • Present your proposal to Council early in the process to gain in-principle support.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive, compelling planning submission.
  • Liaison with all levels at Council to give your proposal the best chance of success.
  • Mediation and negotiation with objectors.
  • Presentation at Consultation Meetings and Council Meetings.
  • • Communication with you throughout the planning permit process to ensure you are aware of the status of your project and the strategies involved..

We can also advise or represent you on any part of a planning application including preparation of planning reports, addressing objections, gaining Council support, responding to requests for further information and assisting with the finalisation of your design.

Discuss your needs with our consultants today

Based in Balaclava, Keen Planning supports clients embarking on projects across the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. We understand the planning process and the difficulties and costs delays can cause and work to avoid and minimise them in all situations. Rely on our years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge to ensure that you project is completed as soon and as cost-effectively as possible.

Get in touch today to learn more via our contact page or over the phone on +61 3 9596 9000.

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