As town planners, we regularly get asked questions about what we can add to a project, how the town planning process works and how long it all takes.

To assist in answering your questions, we provide the below responses to give you a general understanding of the planning permit application process and the role we play in managing your project.

Having a town planning consultant on board can make a huge difference to the success and timing of your planning permit application.

While anyone can lodge a planning permit application, as planning consultants we have a particular insight into the Council processes and what Council will (or won’t!) support. We also have a detailed understanding of how to justify and support variations to Council requirements

When you work with Keen Planning your project receives the attention, focus and time required to achieve your planning approval within agreed timeframes.

We have a success rate of over 93 percent at achieving planning permits through Council and avoiding the lengthy and costly delays associated with planning appeals. This success rate is a result of our systemised, streamlined and proven approach to managing and processing your proposal.

We recognise the important values of a collaborative and team approach to each project and our commitment to your projects is what sets us apart. Our team is highly motivated to providing excellent customer service, managing your risk and gaining support for quality developments.

This is one of the first questions that you need to ask when looking to develop your site. Knowing the answer to this question as early as possible will allow you to budget and plan properly for your project, no matter how big or small.

Whether you are looking to build an apartment building, renovate your home or erect a sign, there are numerous ‘triggers’ within the planning scheme that can result in your proposal requiring a planning permit. These triggers can relate to things like the type of use proposed, the zoning and overlay controls that apply to your site, the lot size or site features such as trees.

By speaking with us, we will not only determine these planning permit triggers but we will also manage the challenges that accompany them throughout the planning permit process.

The key question you need answered before purchasing a development site is ‘is this the right site for what I am proposing?’ If you want to maximise your yield and your chances of gaining a planning permit for your proposal, you need to select an appropriate site.

Essential planning considerations that you need to take into account include the zoning of the land and overlays affecting the site, the size, shape and orientation of the land, easements or restrictions on Title and the locational context of the site. All these elements can play a vital role in ensuring that your project is feasible and you can achieve the maximum yield from the site.

If you are in need of assistance, Keen Planning offers a range of services including site feasibility studies and preliminary planning assessments / advice.

Depending on the planning controls affecting your site, the consultants you need to assist you will vary.

For example, sites affected by environmental policies may need the assistance of an Arborist. Or, a complex basement design might require input from a Traffic Engineer.

We can assist in selecting the right consultants for your project and we believe getting them on board early will ensure issues are resolved and your planning permit application will be streamlined from the beginning.

We have carefully selected a wide range of consultants that understand what is required to provide the best possible support for your planning proposal.

Call us to discuss what other consultants you may need.

This is the most difficult question we have to answer as it hugely depends on the type of project, challenges that may arise and the parties involved.

A planning permit application can vary from as little as 4 weeks to 12 months depending on the varied elements of the planning process.

Factors that can influence the time of an application can include Council opposition, objections and referrals to external authorities such as Melbourne Water.

Of course, if your application is to be considered at VCAT, this may also affect the timing of your application.

Our job as your planning consultants is to minimise delays and streamline the process. Our vast experience in managing a range of projects ensures we have the tools and knowledge required to anticipate and proactively address any speed bumps that may arise.

Our constant communication with you will ensure that you are well informed and aware of likely timeframes at all stages of the process.

Our services are extensive and range from a one off meeting with you to provide initial advice on the feasibility of your project through to handling all aspects of your planning application. We are open and transparent about our costs and are happy to provide you with a free preliminary review of your project and the likely costs.

After this meeting we can provide you with a detailed quotation of the services we can offer.

Give us a call and we will be happy to meet you.

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